Work Well. Live Well. Earn Well. Guaranteed.

Find out why we were named one of the 20 "Best Fleets to Drive For" in all of North America four years in a row!

Limited Opportunities for high performing Professional Driver Teams

Earn Well. Guaranteed.

Receive a steady, predictable paycheck regardless of the miles you drive.

  • Starting guaranteed minimum pay $1,540 per week OTR
  • $5,000 team orientation pay
  • Mileage pay, stop pay, detention pay
  • Weekly pay is the greater of actual earnings or guaranteed minimum
  • Partial weeks OTR (e.g. before or after home time) receive prorated guaranteed minimum
Completed Years of Employment Rate Per Team
Mile Per Driver
Guaranteed Weekly Wage Minimum
(OTR 6 days Mon-Sat)
Mileage Rate x 5,500 Miles
First Year 28¢ $1,540
1 29¢ $1,595
3 30¢ $1,650
5 31¢ $1,705
7 32¢ $1,760
10 33¢ $1,815

Work Well

Feel good about your job.

  • Join a forward-moving, highly regarded company.
  • Take pride in serving military and healthcare organizations.
  • Grand Prize winner, 2017 National Fleet Safety Awards
  • Top 20 Best Fleet to Drive for in North America, 2015-present
  • Patriotic Employer Award, U.S. Department of Defense
  • First class equipment - auto transmissions, advanced safety systems

Live Well

Yes, you can enjoy a good lifestyle.

  • 2 days off per week OTR - about 100 days at home per year
  • Paid vacation, personal days, and holidays
  • Comprehensive health, life, dental insurance
  • 401k with 50% company match
  • Company-paid smartphone
  • Pre-Pass, EZ-Pass, company-paid satellite radio

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Patty and Rueben

"Boyle's compensation package is far better than any previous employer. They pay us for all job related activates, and job related expenses. It's not just miles traveled. It's the entire package. Home time is predictable and reliable. You will be there when you asked to be there!!! Boyle's equipment is the best. You can feel proud to arrive at a customer in a Boyle truck."

Doug and Loretta

"We could say the excellent pay package and benefits; or the above par equipment or that everything we do is LEGAL. (Check the CSA scores). But what we appreciate most about Boyle is they genuinely care about the welfare of their drivers. Don't believe it? Pick up the phone and call, E-mail or just walk into the office and talk to the OWNERS. Where else can you do that?"

Steve and Patricia

"Too good to be true? At most companies you could only dream of a package deal like this. Your personal goals and dreams are achievable with Boyle. At Boyle Transportation, this package is the real deal. From drivers, operations, maintenance, safety and human resources and the other departments at Boyle, we lead the way, we don't follow."

Michael and Bonnie

"If there is any one thing that led us to Boyle, it would have to be respect. It comes from our co-workers, our office and shop personnel and, also, our customers. In our uniforms and our clean trucks, we are, almost without fail, greeted more positively than other companies' drivers who may be standing right beside us. Driving for Boyle means something and there is honor in it. We have solid benefits, are paid well for all the work that we do, are expected to run legal and compliant, and have a home life. There just aren't many companies out there that even come close to those expectations."


Will I be a company driver, owner/operator, contract Driver?

All Boyle professional drivers are employees of the company.

How can I expect to be compensated?

Our professional drivers earn pay for miles, stops, and detention. We also afford our professional drivers a revolutionary concept in over-the-road trucking - a steady, predictable paycheck regardless of the number of miles you drive. Our team drivers earn a guaranteed weekly wage minimum of 5,000 miles for 5 days over the road, and 5,500 miles for 6 days over the road, with a starting rate of 28 ¢ per mile. Your weekly pay is the greater of your actual activity earnings (dispatched miles, pickups, deliveries, detention) or the Guaranteed Weekly Wage Minimum.

Completed Years of Employment Rate Per Team Mile Per Driver Guaranteed Weekly Wage Minimum (OTR 6 days Mon-Sat)
Mileage Rate x 5,500 Miles
First Year 28¢ $1,540
1 29¢ $1,595
3 30¢ $1,650
5 31¢ $1,705
7 32¢ $1,760
10 33¢ $1,815
Rates as of June 2018. If a professional driver works less than a full week, the guaranteed weekly wage is prorated. Sundays are paid for actual activity (miles, stops, etc.).

What is the usual dispatch time?

  • Our teams are typically over the road 240-270 days per year. That means they are home and off 100 or more days a year.
  • Over-the-road (OTR) teams typically go out for 3-4 weeks. Teams earn 2 days off for every week OTR. Therefore most OTR teams spend a week home and off every month.
  • Regional schedules are available in some areas. Regional teams are home every weekend or go out 2 weeks and spend 4 days at home.

How is mileage calculated?

Professional drivers are paid traveled, dispatched miles as opposed to household goods or freight bill mileage.

What kind of trucks does Boyle provide?

Our fleet consists of late model Century and Cascadia Class Freightliners with automated transmissions. Cabs are high condos with amenities such as power heated mirrors, air ride seats, power inverter, electronic logs, and Sirius satellite radio with CD player. Our tractors are also equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology to provide you the tools to do your job as safely as possible. For more information about our onboard safety systems, click here.

How does the company rate in Safety and CSA Compliance?

Boyle Transportation has established a culture of superior safety performance. We combine strict qualifications with ongoing training and an investment in onboard safety systems. As a result, our CSA scores are among the best in the industry. Our tractors are equipped electronic logs in addition to several safety enhancements we continue to be an industry leader in safety performance and CSA Scores.

Are professional drivers responsible for loading and unloading?

99% of our freight is "no touch"

What is the Company fueling policy?

We supply each driver with a fueling credit card. We have a network of preferred major truck stops.

What benefits does the Company offer?

  • Vacation and Personal Time: After one year, an employee accrues 2 weeks of paid vacation and 5 personal days. Vacation is paid at 1/52nd of W-2 earnings, and personal days are paid at 8 hours times an employee's hourly rate.
  • Health & Dental Coverage: We offer a comprehensive group medical plan with a national PPO network. There is a 60 day waiting period for new employees.
  • Life insurance: After the 60 day waiting period all employees are enrolled in the Company-sponsored plan that provides $75,000 of coverage per employee.
  • Safety and performance bonus: Professional drivers receive a safety and performance scorecard each year, and 100% scorecards earn an employee $0.02 per driver mile (divide team miles in half).
  • 401(k): There is a 90 day waiting period for enrollment. The company matches 50 cents on the dollar, up to 2% of an employee's wages (e.g. employee defers 4% and company contributes 2%). The vesting period is graduated and an employee is 100% vested after 5 yrs.

Does the Company offer dedicated runs?


Does the Company allow a pet?

Yes, but the animal must be smaller than 20 lbs, and well trained.

Does the Company provide cell phones?

Yes, each professional driver is issued a smartphone. Service is paid by the company.

What are the age requirements to drive for Boyle?

Each applicant must be at least 23 years of age.

Is there a smoking/non-smoking policy?

Smoking is strictly forbidden within 25 feet of a vehicle when transporting, loading, or offloading hazardous materials per DOT regulations.

Does the company pay for motel use?

The company pays for motel use when necessary.

Do I receive support if I break down at 2am?

Our operations center is staffed 24/7 by people who average 18 years of experience with the company. There is always someone available to assist in the event of a breakdown or other difficulty. We maintain favorable credit accounts with national networks of service providers.

Will I be compensated for orientation and training?

Yes, all new professional driver hires attend a 5 day orientation class. Each individual is paid $2,000. for the orientation week ($4,000 per team). We work with new hires to find the best means of transport to our headquarters in Billerica, MA. Boyle covers the expense of travel to orientation. Teams are dispatched following the end of orientation.

Will I get uniforms?

All professional drivers are issued company-paid uniforms. Uniforms enable us to present the consistent and professional image our customers expect.

How big is the company?

We are a mid-sized, family-owned and financially stable motor carrier. We have an excellent reputation for safety and security, and each of our employees contributes to that mission. At Boyle Transportation, you are a name, not a number.

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